Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Business impact, reach and success has become interconnected with the content on business platforms. Be it your website or your social media profile, content in writing or visual form is what appeals and engages your customers.

72% of the businesses that use content marketing have reported seeing an increase in their growth and sales. Content marketing helps a business to add relevant information regarding the services and products, which answer the customer’s questions.

At SBCart, we help you build your business and help you see growth with content marketing strategies made specifically for your business.

Why does your business need a content marketing service?

Online shopping experience is interlinked with the overall experience of your customer with your ads, promotions, and content. Here is why content marketing is the service you need for growth:

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Improved ROI

Content marketing generates 3x more leads than traditional marketing tactics and is significantly cost-effective. A consistent approach to content marketing will add to the business’ sales funnel, and bring more visitors to the business for conversions.

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Communicative Marketing

80% of online shoppers appreciate learning about brands, 20% of internet users spend time engaging with content and 68% are reading about brands that interest them. Content marketing with the right approach will help you communicate and connect with your clients better.

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SEO Benefits

Content marketing services add to your business by helping you make the most out of SEO as well. The service helps you to not only reach your clients by adding relevant information, but also helps you rank better.

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Customer Understanding

Content marketing is a process of putting information out for your consumers and analysing the results. It will help you to build a better understanding of your consumers and aid in creating better buyer personas for future reference.

How does SBCart help you?

Content marketing is the new way of promoting your business, which is why we help you by:

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Expert Ideation

Content marketing is a battle of creativity with your competitors. SBCart helps you find creative ideas that will not only catch the attention of your target audience but would also help you get better conversions.

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Marketing Understanding

Content marketing offers many benefits for any business. SBCart understands that your target market requires deep understanding, research, and analysis. Our content marketing approach for you is tailor-made to suit your requirements.

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Content Is Our Language

At SBCart, we eat, sleep, and breathe content. We understand the importance of impactful content, which is why we develop and implement content that gets clicks. From shares to conversions, we’ll do it all for your business.

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Consistent Approach

Content marketing demands time and consistent efforts. At SBCart, we speak to you, understand your goals and then create the right content for you. We continuously monitor and analyse your performance to tweak it accordingly.

Your business’ growth is important to us. We research well before implementing content marketing strategies to help you cash in all the benefits from content marketing.

Want one for your business? Get in touch with us and get a quote today.