We've helped established companies and startups to develop their products from nothing to launch. We would love to help you too.

Release early

Usually when we're involved in a completly new product we aim to create a MvP - a minimum viable product. The MVP is a product that you can release to your customers and start testing if your product, business model and concept work on real people.

A dedicated team

Forget consultants that are just sitting around waiting for direction and who're just interested in invoicing. We offer you a tight team, dedicated to your idea and product during the project. We're open-minded and will help you make the best choices whether it's about the tech, the concept or the design.

Our approach

  1. Goal What do we want to achive.
  2. The user Who will use it, how and why?
  3. Minimum Viable Product What do we need to do to test our hypothesis?
  4. Design & Code Prototyping, sketching and development.
  5. Validation Did we reach our goal? What's the next step?
  6. Evaluate &
    Start again, and improve what we've accomplished.

We have helped both startups and established businesses. We’d love to help you too!

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Student Housing and Events


Uppsala University's student nations have a history from the 17th century. We helped them move into the digital world by moving their student housing queues online.

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